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City of Jonestown Public Works

City of Jonestown Public Works Department is responsible for Implementation of city’s capital improvement projects, installation and removal of the city’s holiday decorations, city facility maintenance, city-owned equipment (including light & heavy duty trucks, road working equipment & small engine equipment), streets, ditches, drainage, traffic signs, street markings, right-of-way mowing, city-owned trees, city-owned sidewalks, city-owned parking lots, park lands and wastewater facilities.

Hours: 8:00am-4:30pm, Monday-Friday (Closed on City Holidays)

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Public Works Director - James McCrory

Assistant Public Works Director - Cole Johnson

Administrative Assistant - Laura Arnold

2024 Curbside Cleanup Day

The City of Jonestown and Waste Connections will be holding its annual curbside cleanup on Saturday, June 22, 2024 from 7:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

A maximum of five (5) cubic yards (5.5’ x 5’ x 5’) of acceptable residential bulky items will be collected. Resident’s bulky items should be neatly placed at the curb by 7:00 a.m. on the scheduled pick-up.

This service is ONLY offered to current residential Waste Connections customers with in the city limits of Jonestown. Residents will be responsible for proper disposal of anything put out after 7:00 a.m. or over the 5 cubic yard limit. Note: these guidelines are strictly enforced.

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  • Bulky items such as stoves, water tanks, furniture, washing machines, and dryers.
  • Air conditioners, freezers and refrigerators that are tagged verifying CFC’s have been removed by a certified technician.
  • Bundled Brush securely tied together and properly prepared ( 4-foot lengths, 4-inch diameter or 40 pounds in weight) and placed at curbside.
  • Total acceptable volume of bulky items and/or bundles is five (5) cubic yards measured as 5’ x 5’ x 5’.


  • Gasoline, motor oil, paint, chemicals, and similar flammable liquids
  • Medical waste (including needles and syringes), animals or human waste
  • Tires, car batteries, and large pieces of metal (car fenders, engines, etc.)
  • Used oil filters or any hazardous or toxic waste
  • CONSTRUCTION MATERIAL AND DEMOLITION DEBRIS - i.e. concrete, rebar, dirt, sheet rock, rocks, excelsior, gypsum board, metal, rubber and wood products.


Planned Street Repairs

The City of Jonestown manages over 33 miles of roadways within its jurisdiction. The City’s street maintenance program aims to preserve and improve the conditions of existing roadways by monitoring the state of its roadways and systematically repairing or repaving the top layers of City streets as needed.

The City prioritizes street maintenance based on the structural pavement condition of our roadways.  Pavement Condition Assessments are performed city wide and ranked on a scale reflecting the pavement’s structural condition.  We then use these assessments to prioritize areas in most urgent need of repair and resurfacing. 

Road improvement construction will be completed the year after the project is approved by Council. For Street Maintenance Projects approved in 2023, road work will begin in 2024.

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Debris/Carcass Removal 1431

  • For debris and carcass removal in the roadway of 1431 within the city limits of Jonestown: contact Police dispatch at 512-974-0845 between the hours of 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday.
  • FYI - The police will move from the road then Transportation & Natural Resources or TXDOT picks them up.
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